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Adobe Reader could not open 'nnnn.zpd' because it is not a supported file type or because the file has been damaged.

If you try to view a SpeEDI Document before you have installed the SpeEDI Document Viewer, windows will prompt the user to choose a program to open the attachment with.

Windows usually recommends using Adobe Reader, and once you have chosen this it overrides the SpeEDI Document Viewer settings and causes the error message above.

To fix this problem you need to associate the file extension ZPD with SpeEDI Document Viewer. Just follow the steps below.

IMPORTANT: SpeEDI Document Viewer must be installed before proceeding with these instructions.

1. Start Outlook Express

2. Open an email that has a SpeEDI Document attached
Right-click on the attachment and choose Save As...
Save the attachment to My Documents Folder

3. Open the My Documents folder
Hold down [Shift] on the keyboard and right mouse click on the SpeEDI Document icon. Choose Open With > Choose Program... from the popup menu

4. Select SpeEDI Document Viewer from the list of programs
Make sure there is a tick in the box that says "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file."

5. Press [OK]
Next time you open a SpeEDI Document attachment, it will now open correctly in SpeEDI Document Viewer

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