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I installed AVG antivirus and now my customs entries are getting errors

By default AVG antivirus and serveral other antivirus programs add a signature to your incoming and outgoing email, to certify that it has been scanned.

It will usually look something similar to this

         No virus found in this incoming message.
         Checked by AVG Anti-Virus.
         Version: 7.0.322 / Virus Database: 267.2.0 - Release Date: 27/05/05

Unfortunately this certification gets interpreted by both customs and SpeEDI Mail and causes errors, so it needs to be turned off.

Do disable the AVG certification messages follow the instructions below

1. Open AVG Control Center
On the bottom right corner of your screen, next the to clock is the AVG Icon, double click this to open the control center

2. Open the Email Scanner Settings
Once the control center is open, double click on the E-mail Scanner option

3. Press the [Configure] button

4. Remove both the Certify Email ticks

5. Close the Configuration dialog
Press [OK]
Press [Ok]
Close the AVG Control Center

Every email you send and receive from now on should work correctly.

Note: Changing this setting does not stop your virus checker from scanning
emails, it just removes the certification messages.

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