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Updating your SpeEDI software

  1. Go to the Computer that you normally install your updates from.

  2. Go to the SpeEDI websites Downloads page and click on the Download Now link under SpeEDI Freight Update

  3. Your browser will then prompt you with a window like the one below. Take the Save option

  4. When prompted on where to save the file, Save it to your desktop. Your Save As window may look different to the one below but should allow you to choose the Desktop in the Save in: droplist at the top.

  5. After downloading the file you can close the window that shows the download has completed - it may look something like the one shown below

  6. Ensure all SpeEDI programs are closed down on any workstation that can run SpeEDI

  7. Note: If you have not backed-up your SpeEDI database recently please do so before proceeding

  8. If you are a Multi-user site then please make sure the the Speedi database server program is left running. On some sites this will show as a task to the right of the windows Start button and look something like this On other sites it runs as a hidden task so if you don't normally have this task showing you should be OK. See below if you are unsure if you are running a mutli-user site

  9. Locate the saved file on your Desktop and double click on the icon

  10. Note: Be sure that you select the file you have just downloaded. It will be named with a release number and a date which should be more recent than the release you currently run (This is shown in the Help - About option in all SpeEDI programs)

  11. If you originally installed SpeEDI or have already applied a SpeEDI update on this workstation then you can follow all the default prompts as the installer will know where to apply the updates on your network. Note: If your network configuration has changed the location of SpeEDI since its last update then you should contact SpeEDI support before proceeding.

  12. If this is the first time you are applying a SpeEDI update on this workstation you will be prompted where to save the updated files. If you are unsure please contact SpeEDI support before proceeding.

  13. If you receive an error message saying that a file can not be replaced as it is in use, be sure you have followed step 6. If you find a SpeEDI program running close it, abort the update and restart at step 9. Note: If this does not fix the problem (ie the same error shows on retrying) then you will most likely need to restart the computer that holds the SpeEDI software before restarting at step 9.

  14. After updating all the software the installer will start the database upgrade process in a command window ( a black window with a message at the bottom indicating progress). DO NOT CLOSE THIS WINDOW under any circumstances. On some sites with large databases certain updates may take some time depending on the speed of the computer running the database and the type of updates required. If you have any concerns contact SpeEDI support before taking any action.

    • A -87  SQL Error code can occur on a multi-user site and is most likely because the datebase server has been stopped (see step 8). In this case restart the database server and then re-run from step 9.

    • If you receive any other error message, then the update process will not have completed successfully. Please make a note of the error message and call SpeEDI support. Although the SpeEDI software will show the correct release number, there may be certain functions or features that may not operate correctly until the update process completes successfully. 

  15. After the database upgrade has completed, click the Finish button on the installer and you can now starting using SpeEDI again. The release number shown in the title bar of SpeEDI Freight should match the one in the name of the file downloaded in step 4 - 1213 in the example below

  16. After you have determined that the update has been applied successfully, you can delete the SpeEDI Update file that you saved to your desktop in step 4. This will help to avoid any confusion the next time you download a SpeEDI update.

Use the information below to determine if you are running SpeEDI as a Single or Multi-user site and follow the instructions accordingly

Single User Sites

  1. Those that have only one computer using SpeEDI or

  2. With two (very rarely more than two) computers that run SpeEDI but NOT at the same time

Multi User Sites

  1. Those that can run SpeEDI software on more than one computer at the same time

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