SpeEDI Software - Customs clearance and Freight forwarding Software


SpeEDI Document Viewer a freely available program that interacts with emailed documents generated by users of SpeEDI software, typically freight forwarders and customs brokers.

Using SpeEDI Document Viewer you can

  • View the SpeEDI Document(s) attached to an email.
  • Print those document(s) to your nominated printer retaining the high quality formatting and layout.
  • Respond to the sender by email directly from the SpeEDI Document Viewer program
  • Response options are appropriate for the type of SpeEDI Document opened, eg enter a new order from an order tracking status, or request a freight booking from a sailing schedule, request a copy of an invoice from a statement etc
  • Status request responses are usually automatically processed when received by the sender resulting in the status being sent back very quickly

Installing the free SpeEDI Document Viewer

  1. Go to the SpeEDI websites Downloads page and click on the Download Now link under Free SpeEDI Document Viewer for Microsoft Windows

  2. Your browser may then prompt you with a window similar to the one below. Take the Run or Open option

  3. After downloading the file you may be prompted with a window similar to the one below. Take the Run option to continue installation

  4. If you are updating your SpeEDI Document Viewer you should ensure its not running before attempting to update it. If not you will receive a warning message similar to the one below. Close any SpeEDI Documents you have open and then click on OK

  5. You will then be prompted with the first screen of the Install Wizard - Click the Next option

  6. The next window allows you to nominate where you would like the free SpeEDI Document Viewer installed. Leave the default setting unless you have a good reason for changing it

  7. On completion of the installation process you will see a window similar to the one below. Take OK to close the window

  8. The SpeEDI Document Viewer will have registered itself as the default viewer for files with a .zpd extension. From now on whenever a company or individual using SpeEDI software sends you a SpeEDI Document attachment in your email, you will be able to view, print, reply, request status update etc from within the document. Refer to the Help available in SpeEDI Document Viewer the next time you open a SpeEDI Document.

  9. If you should encounter any problems with your SpeEDI Document Viewer, contact SpeEDI support using the contact details at the bottom of the page or send an email to support @ speedi.co.nz