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What is a SpeEDI Document or ZPD file

A SpeEDI Document is a document file generated by one of our SpeEDI Applications.
It may contain an Invoice, Statement, Sea House Bill or many other types of document.

You can View SpeEDI Documents with the FREE SpeEDI Document Viewer available from our download page.

SpeEDI Documents are similar to Adobe PDF Documents but offer a number of distinct advantages.

  • Smaller Documents
    Multi-page SpeEDI Document are smaller then PDF files because the Company Logos are only stored in the file once.
  • Faster to Download
    SpeEDI Document Viewer software is much faster to download, SpeEDI Document Viewer is 2.5Mb compared to Adobe Acrobat Viewer 7 which is over 19Mb
  • Interactive Documents
    SpeEDI Documents are interactive, for example, if you have received an end of month statement, just click on an Invoice Number that you are missing and a copy of the invoice will be emailed to you.
  • Did we mention that it is FREE too.

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