Air Couriers

When time is of the essence

air couriersSpeEDI Freight has several advanced features allowing air couriers to quickly obtain customs and quarantine clearances for consignments prior to shipment/landing.

The following processes are fully automated and require minimal operational effort:

  • transfer of manifest data from in-house tracking systems into SpeEDI
  • classification of goods from descriptive data
  • obtaining import/export clearances at consignment and manifest level
  • obtaining import clearances from AU/NZ Customs/quarantine from the exporting office
  • transfer of clearance status to in-house tracking systems from SpeEDI
  • emailed client advices and paperless clearances if required
  • emailed staff notifications of clearance status

Additional features:

  • held and cleared reports for bond-store reconciliation's
  • billing and rating facilities
  • air waybill/manifest printing
  • package labels printing

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