SpeEDI Software - Customs clearance and Freight forwarding Software

Freight Forwarders

Collect all data at the source, once and once only

data entry colelction freight forwardingThe SpeEDI suite includes a number of modules of interest to freight forwarders, namely SpeEDI Freight, SpeEDI Orders, SpeEDI Accounts and SpeedS Financials, and these are all fully integrated.

Furthermore data can be accepted and sent to agents in a format that meets both of your requirements. The following is a list of relevant features

  • Import and export entries EDI clearance and full amendment/cancellation support
  • Automatic calculations of duties and taxes and many entry compilation options
  • Automatic generation of Entry Certificates/Invoices including email
  • Copy and paste facilities for commercial invoice data available electronically
  • Import manifest EDI lodgement to obtain Customs/Quarantine clearances
  • Automatic generation of Entry Certificates/Invoices including email
  • Export consolidation manifests EDI lodgement
  • Easy transfer of consignments to other consol manifests
  • Loading and automatic allocating of MAWB numbers
  • Printing of Airwaybills on A4 plain or preprinted continuous stationery
  • Bar-coded package label printing (IATA standard)
  • Printing of arrival labels for inbound freight
  • Generation of seafreight housebills, SLI?s, Carters Notes
  • Manifest printing and status reports
  • Printing of seafreight Delivery Orders (import) and Delivery Notes (export)
  • Emailing of client documents, eg entry certificates, housebills, arrival/booking advices with automated reply options
  • Landed costs analysis reports with email/spreadsheet option
  • Export documents including commercial invoices and packing lists,
  • Clients Order Tracking facility with comprehensive client/agent advices generation
  • Gross Profit Analysis/Management Reports
  • Basic stock control reporting
  • Auto-rating facility with rates applied either by client or 'across the board'
  • Printing and emailing of invoices in A4 paper

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