SpeEDI Software - Customs clearance and Freight forwarding Software

Shipping Lines & Agents

Automate and let the software do all the reporting

shipping and cargoSpeEDI Freight is capable of interfacing with your other systems so that no additional data entry is required. This allows you to easily meet reporting deadlines imposed by other parties like Customs.

SpeEDI Freight is a complete package allowing compilation and submission of EDI messages to Customs and other agents, including:

  • Manifest inbound report
  • Manifest outbound report
  • Clearance of transhipment cargo
  • Inter-branch/company manifest data
  • Container load/unload messages from Ports

Additional features:

  • Optional integration with existing shipping software systems to minimise re-keying of data ? fast and accurate entry of data
  • Copy and paste function allows quick and easy import of data from other applications, eg Excel
  • Full amendment and cancellations functionality; Customs responses can be viewed at consignment level.
  • Bills of lading and waybills can be generated/reproduced.
  • Manifest printing or emailing.

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