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Purchase order processing

Track order and shipping details from order placement right through to delivery at product level. Set reminders, send alerts and obtain border clearances and landed costs analysis.

Share don't replicate data

Work more efficiently by taking advantage of the improved accuracy and faster processes obtained by sharing data and documents with your partners. Use the copy and paste facilities to further improve productivity.

Connect to border agencies

Meet the increasingly demanding compliance requirements of today’s trading environment through EDI facilities built to seamlessly connect to your government's Trade Single Window system and other electronic gateway services.

Access from anywhere

Enjoy the convenience by being able to connect to it from anywhere with an internet connection and browser using an device ie PC (Windows), Mac, iPad, Android etc.


Xero Accounting

Transfer your sales invoices and costs invoices (bills) to Xero and attach documents. Sales invoices can be automatically emailed. Set up quoted rates for your clients and suppliers so that minimal effort is required to generate invoices. TSW import costs are automatically included where applicable.

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Power BI

Analyse and query your data any way you want with this new Microsoft product. You don’t need to be an IT geek to use this tool and results can be presented in a variety of attractive and meaningful formats.

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Customs and Freight Brokers

  • Lodge import and export declarations to TSW via EDI to obtain Customs and Quarantine clearance.

  • Import duties, taxes and fees calculated automatically.

  • Integration with external accounting systems such as Xero for sales invoicing and job costs.

  • Advanced billing facilities including client quoted rates and automated sending of billing requests on import clearance.

  • Low value export clearance.

  • Emailed notifications to staff and clients.

  • Facilities to share data with clients, overseas offices, and other trading partners.

  • Integrated order tracking from order placement right through to delivery.

  • Suppliers or importers products.

  • Documentation such as declaration certificates, delivery notes and import costings.

  • International and domestic transhipments.

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Importers and Exporters

  • Track order and shipping details from order placement right through to delivery at product level

  • Copy and paste facilities to reduce manual data entry.

  • Product maintenance and lookup facilities to increase efficiency and accuracy of order details.

  • Share data with other trading partners.

  • Import and export border clearance via TSW.

  • Automatic calculations of Customs duties and taxes.

  • Import costings including a landed cost document and a complete CSV breakdown.

  • Accounting integration with Xero

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* Consignments are created for free and no credit card is required until the end of the trial period. Other functions may incur a fee. Refer to Terms of Use for details

** Credit card details are securely stored and processed by Windcave, a trustworthy and well-established electronic payment system

Prior to March 2020, SpeEDI Accord was called FreightShare Accord

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Laptop SpeEDI Accord Azure

Relax in the knowledge that the app runs in the cloud on the very robust and secure platform provided by Microsoft Azure and that reliability, security and confidentiality are paramount in the design and implementation of all components of the app.