Online Border Clearance Software

SpeEDI Software develops applications for the international cargo/freight industry.  Our software is capable of meeting the most demanding needs of various sectors of the industry and is constantly updated to meet the ever-changing regulatory and operational requirements of businesses involved in the importing and exporting of goods.

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Industry Sectors

Customs & Freight Brokers

Obtain a clearance for imports, exports, air or sea.  Produce freight documentation.  Track and process orders and much more.


Efficient and flexible tools to get your goods cleared on time.  Import / export clearances for high or low value goods.

Shipping Lines 

Accurately report your cargo to border agencies and meet your deadlines.   

Inward and outward reporting. Empty containers and international transhipments.  ​



Obtain a clearance from Customs and Quarantine for imported personal / household goods.  Gain a clearance for exported personal effects.

Importers &


Track orders from the time of placement right through to delivery.   Declare your goods to border agencies to obtain a clearance.


Accurately track and manage the release of imported goods ​leaving your premises.  Ensure export goods are cleared for loading. 


Need More Details?

SpeEDI connects with border agencies through Trade Single Window (TSW) via EDI messaging allowing you to report your cargo and obtain a clearance for goods from Customs and Quarantine departments.

Why Choose Us?

SpeEDI is a name you can trust, our software has evolved over a period of over 25 years of dedicated research and industry experience.  We have extensive knowledge of the industry and provide quality after sales support.

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